Rent a Serp Theme and Plugin Review

So, you heard about the Rent a Serp Theme and Plugin and you are looking for a honest review about it, right? Then you have come to the right place. But first, let’s see what this Theme and WordPress Plugin can do for you and what’s all the fuss about. Basically, this plugin and theme let you create Custom PowerHouse SEO Websites that not only look good but also rank like crazy. They are ready to be rent, on autopilot. Let me explain a bit about this.

Rent-a-Serp: SEO for the Next Generation

Why are you still doing client SEO? You work your ass off and when the client goes, you end up with nothing! With the Rent a Serp Theme and Plugin you can totally work on your own properties, rank them and then rent them! This is a no brainer to work on, since you will be bringing your OWN websites to the top, and then let the local client grab a space on that site, while you are working on the next one. Isn’t that awesome?

The WordPress Theme

The Rent a Serp Theme allows you rank and rent websites at the speed of light. This theme has a wonderful CTA that will increase the lead generation and will allow your client be happy and keep happy, which in turns gets money on your pocket. Some of the other Rent a Serp Theme features:

  • Rank Local SEO Sites with Perfect Internal Linking that Google Loves.
  • Rent Those Sites Entirely or Specific Pages to Local Businesses.
  • Create Sites Within 10 Minutes with No Coding Knowledge.
  • Have the Power of On Site, Google Authorship, Silos, etc.


The Rent a Serp Plugin and Course

So, once you get this monster beast of a theme ready to be rented, wouldn’t you love to know what niche to aim to get the best results in the lowest amount of time? That exactly what’s the course is about! Let me explain:

  • Keyword Research that Plains Work in 2014.
  • The Linkbuilding Strategy that can get you to the top of Google (Without worrying about Pandas and Penguins).
  • How to Outsource the Cold Calling and the Link Building.
  • Much More!



Make No Mistake! The post Rent a Serp Theme and Plugin Review was originaly seen at The Crazy Cat Reviews

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