Clarke Hanna 2 Week Product Launch Review

So you are looking for a good 2 Week Product Launch review? Well you are in the right place. As you may already know, the Two Week Product Launch programme will help you to get the best information when it comes to launch a product online. Wether it’s your first product launch ever or you really have experience when it comes to product launching, JVs, etc., then you can always learn something new. This programme is for the advanced but also for the complete and utter newbie. Let’s see what is it all about.

Two Week Product Launch: What is it?

When it comes to product launching, the process can be quite daunting. So you’d rather have the best companion and mentor while doing some money in the process. This particular programme helps you with your entire process: From the product thinking based on what people want, to design, the process of giving real value and everything else you need to make it a good launch. In fact, if you don’t make money with this, the author is promising a full 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee. Not bad, huh?

According to the WikiHow Page on how to launch a product, you can get something like this:

Product Launching with Clarke Hanna

  1. Design attractive packaging: Create packaging that is colorful and pleasing to the consumer’s eye. Smart packaging is the first step to getting your new product noticed. Include your company name, product name and any main selling points you want to convey on the outside of the packaging.
  2. Determine your target audience: Decide what demographic will benefit most from your product. This is the target audience that should receive the most attention when you market a new product. Consumers of this age, gender and social and economic background will be most receptive to the new idea and will, most likely, buy your product.
  3. Implement a unique slogan: Prepare for your product launch by creating a catchy and unique slogan that will be used to identify it. The slogan should consist of simple language and could rhyme or contain words beginning with the same letter to make it more memorable.
  4. Know your competition: Research products similar to the one you’re planning to launch that are already well-known by consumers. Use this information to direct the attention of your launch at ways that your product is different and better than the competition.
  5. Consult a public relations firm: Work with a public relations agent with experience in your industry or in marketing new products. An expert can help you solidify your target audience, determine the best forms of media advertising and plan promotions.
  6. Write a product sheet: Create a list of product features and details. This should explain the product to consumers while still making it attractive. Include general usage, product components or ingredients and any relevant safety warnings or liability information.
  7. Launch a website: Design a website advertising your new product and offering more information for consumers. Include user testimonials, product comparisons and ordering information or promotional offers to entice buyers.
  8. Purchase advertising: Place ads in several media outlets to reach the maximum number of consumers. Websites work well for posting ads and linking to the product’s website. Buy ad space in local newspapers or trade publications to increase the awareness of your new product.
  9. Hold a press conference: Schedule a press conference with consumers and members of industries related to your product or service. This will allow you explain the product, offer samples, answer questions and create a buzz in the industry.

Clarke Hanna 2 Week Product Launch Review

But, How am I supposed to do all that if I want to Launch My product in Two Weeks?

Luckily, you don’t need to do all of that! With the 2 Week Product Launch you can get much more done in less time. It’s usually much simpler thank you think! Digital goods or e-products are intangible products that exist in digital kind. In electronic commerce, digital items is a phrase employed to describe any products that are stored, delivered, and utilised in electronic format. Digital goods can be obtained by way of e-mail or downloaded online.

Examples include things like digital media, such as e-books, downloadable music, net television and streaming media fonts and graphics digital subscriptions on the net advertisements (as purchased by the advertiser) world wide web coupons electronic tickets on the web casino tokens electronically traded fiscal instruments downloadable application and mobile apps cloud-based applications and on-line games and virtual products employed within the virtual economies of on-line video games and communities. Digital goods has promoted a more greener way of living. Using e-books alternatively of typical paper books may possibly aid to minimize the volume of paper used on a worldwide scale.

Clarke Hanna 2 Week Product Launch

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GoPro Video Editing Tutorial: Project GoPro Review

Are you looking for a cool way of editing your GoPro Videos and make them look like a complete masterpiece? Then you are in the right place. With this GoPro Video Editing Tutorial Suite you will have all the information you could possibily need to create Jawdropping videos from your raw GoPro footage, so as to take your video editing skills to the next level. Check this Project GoPro Review!

Tutorial on How to Edit your GoPro Videos

GoPro Video Editing Tutorial eBook

Project GoPro is a set of Audiobooks, videos and ebooks that allows you to master your GoPro editing skills and take them to a whole new level. If you really want to make awesome videos with your GoPro and have a step by step video editing tutorial, then this super inexpensive suite will be what you need.

You don’t need to have a whole lot of experience when it comes to Video Editing. Such as we put on our Video Maker FX Review, this is kinda the same: You will be taken step by step to have a better understanding on how to manage and master your GoPro Video Editing Skills.

GoPro Editing Videos Tutorial Hero3Check the information that’s contained inside the book:

  • 108 Pages Informative PDF.
  • Beautifully Interactive Images.
  • 6 Packed Chapters.
  • 2 Bonus Chapters.
  • Instant Digital Download.
  • One Time Payment.
  • Access to all the Premium Content.
  • 60 Days no Question Asked Money Back Guarantee.
  • Limited Time Price Reduction

Order your GoPro Video Editing Tutorial Suite Over Here!

Learn to Capture Great Moments with your GoPro Camera

As we can see on the sales page for the product:

This eBook was designed to challenge the reader from start to finish. If you have trouble turning your camera on, I recommend a free trip to YouTube. When you’re ready to roll,  part 2 will take you deep into the essentials of film making. The frameworks. The principals everyone who creates videos worth a sh*t knows about! If you plan on sharing your videos with the world (your friends, your family) you owe them an afternoon deep in these pages.

Here’s an overview: Story-lining 101: You’ll learn how to prepare before filming, how to plan your shots out. And why you should do so BEFORE picking up your camera. In addition to all this, there’s an handful of chapters focused solely on strategies for improving Battery life, learning the secrets to beautiful Time-Lapse videos and so on. It’s packed! And there’s more.

We can also Check Wikipedia page of GoPro which says: GoPro, Inc. (formerly Woodman Labs, Inc) is an American corporation that develops, manufactures and markets high-definition personal cameras, often used in extreme action video photography. They are known for being lightweight, rugged, wearable or mountable in unusual places such as outside a quadcopter, planes, cars, boats or army tanks.

So Get Your Copy of Video Editing Tutorial for GoPro Here!

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Google Sniper 2.0 2014 Review and Discount

George Brown Google Sniper 2014

Hey everyone! There has been a lot of talking about George Brown Google Sniper, so here we are with a good review about his product and what you can expect from getting it. As you know, George Brown has helped a lot of people becoming really wealthy online and he has put a step by step system where he teaches you his “uncommon” methods for creating affiliate money online. Check this Google Sniper 2014 Review out and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Google Sniper 2.0 Reviewed: What is it and how does it work?

Google Sniper by George BrownWhat is Google Sniper? Basically, this program has been online for quite a few months now, but George Brown has managed to improve it, make it better and more compliants to Google latests algorithm changes. So basically, what Mr. Brown is doing is to teach you how to rank affiliate sites online, also called “Sniper Sites” so that you can rank easily and efortlessly for many keywords and products. That’s why, Google Sniper 2014 could be the path you need to follow to get a full time income online.

But, who is George Brown? When he first launched Google Sniper back in 2010, he made a whooping $500.000 from the launch without any traffic generation, just leads and affiliate JVs, which led him to create his GB Firm. He is a full time super affiliate and via Google Sniper 2.0 he is opening the gates in 2014 to make an even better launch and product than it was on 2010.

What can you learn from Google Sniper?

Basically, this programme shows you:

  • How to pic profitable niches to rank for.
  • How to research a niche in depth and find the best keywords (which are also the most easy to rank).
  • How to find a product that goes along with what you already like doing.
  • How to pick a Clickbank product based on various factors.
  • How to create a Sniper Website by using some techniques George Brown has developed.
  • How to leverage on your rankings and traffic for maximum income.

Who should buy Google Sniper?

If you are a complete internet newbie, then probably should look some other product. But if you have some internet marketing experience and skills, Google Sniper 2.0 could totally take you to the next level. You need to have some basic knowledge, things like how to setup a Worpdress site, what’s a Backlink, what’s a Silo, how to track your rankings, etc. Nothing too fancy but the newbie can be a little bit overhwelmed by the programme and may decide to start with another, easier, affiliate product.

We can also see on this Thread on Warrior Forum what you will find inside Google Sniper:

Google Sniper Download?

What you get when you get access to Google Sniper 2.0 today:

  • Getting Started Tab: In this tab you will get a nice introduction from George Brown on how to navigate through the members area.
  • Google Sniper 2.0 Tab: Here is where the actual course is found. You can find the two PDF’s and the video modules here.
  • Further Training: In this tab you will find 8 additional videos on how to accelerate your Google Sniping techniques.
  • Empire Module Tab: This is where you will find the new updated blueprint with seven additional videos.
  • Rolodex Tab: This is where you will find all the necessary resources for your Google Sniping.
  • Sniper X Tab: This is where you can watch 11 Q & A webinars with George Brown. There are also 23 videos that cover updates, the latest techniques and strategies. You will also get important updates for 2012 and the upcoming changes in 2013 to stay updated with the most recent and future changes.This originally was an upsell with the original release but it is now included with your initial purchase of Google Sniper 2.0
  • Support Tab:You have access to the support desk to answer any questions you may have while building your Google Sniper websites. Customer support is a very important factor when buying any product and in my experience the GSniepr team are very friendly, helpful and fast.

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Video Maker FX Review and Discount

Get a Copy of Video Maker FX Right Here!

We all know that video creation, when it comes to video marketing, content generation, anything you can think of, is not easy. That’s why this particular product is so useful. Introducing the best video creation software: Video Maker FX. In this Review you will see everything you can accomplish with Video Marketing FX, to create videos like you have never seen before! This software allows you to crank videos at a lightning speed, without the need of being a master Video Editing Guru or downloading expensive After Effects Templates! Find out more, below.

VideoMakerFX: How Can it Help You?

The top maketers around the world know the importance of a good video in order to close a sale, get a lead to opt in or even get your client pumped about your service! Videos are the next generation of marketing and they are so flexible that they suit up almost any marketing need. However, creating videos is not an easy task. You DO need to learn the softwares, like After Effects or Sony Vegas, and then know how to put it all to work. That’s why Peter Roszak has put together such a wonderful software that cuts the learning curve in half!


Customization Options for your Videos

These are some of the many ways you can use Video Maker FX to reach your highest potential in video editing:

  • Make Incredible and Professional Looking videos with the half of the time.
  • Promote Affiliate Offers without having to hire somebody to get the work done.
  • Make Product Reviews, Amazon Videos, Client Videos, etc.
  • Sell Videos to other Business that are willing to pay thousands of dollars for one video!
  • Grow your Traffic with the power of these videos!

Some Examples:

Video Maker FX Review

You will also have incredible customization options, font colors, animations, backgrounds, effects and much more. If you really need videos done and don’t want to learn complicated programs, then Video Maker FX is what you are looking for.

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Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 Review and Discount

Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 discount

Hey guys and gals! As you may know, linkbuilding are one of the most complicated tasks of the entire SEO process. That’s why Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 is so valuable: it solves all of your backlinking needs in the very same suite. You can aim to have the best linkbuilding techniques at the tip of your fingers, while getting good content, a good anchor text profile distribution and high PR backlinks, all on autopilot. If you don’t have the money or resources to layout an entire linkbuilding strategy, this Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 Review will help you a lot! check it out.

What is Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 and How you can Automate your Linkbuilding?

We already know that, due to Google Panda and Penguin things are getting really complicated on the SEO World. Is not the seo On Site of our website what troubles most of the Webmasters, but mostly the entire linkbuilding proccess. That’s why Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 can help you automating this entire process, the way Google likes it! Whit this system, you will hit Google’s Page 1 for competitive terms is no time. So no wonder why so many people are really expecting to have a piece of this membership site!  To have a better understanding of what Backlink Skyrocket can do for you, check the list below:

Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 review


Automate your Entire Linkbuilding Proccess!

Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 is designed to give you everything you need to rank a website in the same place. From the keywor research to the content creation. From the backlinking campaign management and the selection of these backlinks to the posting, tracking and testing. What’s also cool is that Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 allows you to have your mobile app with you so that you can watch and manage your campaigns on the go! This is what the suite can do for you:

  1. Awesome SEO Tools: The platform will allow you get hands free the best SEO software available since it will build links 24/7 based on your choices.
  2. Content Marketing: You don’t even have to bring your own content to the mix, since Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 will do it for you.
  3. Social Media Tools: You know about the importance of social signals to have consistent rankings, right? Well this is also automated by the software.
  4. Analyze Campaigns: Wether you are on your laptop or desktop, Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 will help you with your tracking needs.

What would be better than to have social signals, high Pr backlinks, access to a fully contrtolled cloud application and much more thanks to this software?

Backlink Skyrocket 2.0

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Rent a Serp Theme and Plugin Review

So, you heard about the Rent a Serp Theme and Plugin and you are looking for a honest review about it, right? Then you have come to the right place. But first, let’s see what this Theme and WordPress Plugin can do for you and what’s all the fuss about. Basically, this plugin and theme let you create Custom PowerHouse SEO Websites that not only look good but also rank like crazy. They are ready to be rent, on autopilot. Let me explain a bit about this.

Rent-a-Serp: SEO for the Next Generation

Why are you still doing client SEO? You work your ass off and when the client goes, you end up with nothing! With the Rent a Serp Theme and Plugin you can totally work on your own properties, rank them and then rent them! This is a no brainer to work on, since you will be bringing your OWN websites to the top, and then let the local client grab a space on that site, while you are working on the next one. Isn’t that awesome?

The WordPress Theme

The Rent a Serp Theme allows you rank and rent websites at the speed of light. This theme has a wonderful CTA that will increase the lead generation and will allow your client be happy and keep happy, which in turns gets money on your pocket. Some of the other Rent a Serp Theme features:

  • Rank Local SEO Sites with Perfect Internal Linking that Google Loves.
  • Rent Those Sites Entirely or Specific Pages to Local Businesses.
  • Create Sites Within 10 Minutes with No Coding Knowledge.
  • Have the Power of On Site, Google Authorship, Silos, etc.


The Rent a Serp Plugin and Course

So, once you get this monster beast of a theme ready to be rented, wouldn’t you love to know what niche to aim to get the best results in the lowest amount of time? That exactly what’s the course is about! Let me explain:

  • Keyword Research that Plains Work in 2014.
  • The Linkbuilding Strategy that can get you to the top of Google (Without worrying about Pandas and Penguins).
  • How to Outsource the Cold Calling and the Link Building.
  • Much More!



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